Welcome to my new blog! ;)

I will be featuring posts about style, food, my art, behind the scenes, and more. 

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Sjekk videoen på og hør låta på spotify og tidal


Hvis dere liker den så del gjerne ;););)!!!

 We had such a great trip to the Frida Kahlo museum. Very inspiring!!! She was a beautiful, outspoken and free artist and I love that she was so natural. The love message from her husband in the last picture is so amazing... I'm speechless. I want to know more ;) I hop...




I wonder what our world would look like with no monetary system.

Do you wonder? Am I allowed to wonder?

Abolishing the monetary system would mean: no banks, no mortgage, no poverty, no exchange rates, no shares, no capitalism, less greed, no taxes, no debt, no fo...

 Here is part 2 of our Film Noir shoot ;) Hope you like it. Alex Falcao (photo) and Jorun Hansen (mua)!




I will not be afraid. Women who could see things and channel spirits and angels were burned, drowned and stoned for centuries, but I will not be afraid. Bearers of light, whistle blowers, and those who fight for equality and truth have been stripped of their f...

 Here is "Film Noir part 1" a black and white experimental shoot I did together with Alex Falcao and Jorun Hansen. I hope you like it! ;) More to come soon ;)


Here are some new pictures from a shoot I did with Alex Falcao (photo) and Jorun Hansen (mua) where we used chains and a wet mirror to create an original look and feeling.


"Protect the Queen for she will protect herself, with golden naked armor, not on the outside but...

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