Welcome to my new blog! ;)

I will be featuring posts about style, food, my art, behind the scenes, and more. 

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Sjekk videoen på og hør låta på spotify og tidal


Hvis dere liker den så del gjerne ;););)!!!

 Here is part 2 of our Film Noir shoot ;) Hope you like it. Alex Falcao (photo) and Jorun Hansen (mua)!


 Here is "Film Noir part 1" a black and white experimental shoot I did together with Alex Falcao and Jorun Hansen. I hope you like it! ;) More to come soon ;)


Here are some new pictures from a shoot I did with Alex Falcao (photo) and Jorun Hansen (mua) where we used chains and a wet mirror to create an original look and feeling.


"Protect the Queen for she will protect herself, with golden naked armor, not on the outside but...

To get this sweaty look, apply gel and sprayed water to your baby hairs and brush them down randomly with a comb. If any longer strands are pulled down just pick them up and move them back again. For the eye makeup. start by covering the top of your eyes and build more...

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