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I will be featuring posts about style, food, my art, behind the scenes, and more. 

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The Dots


I once had a very interesting conversation with someone. He is a dear friend of mine and we have worked together for years. We talked about life, the universe and spirituality, and we discussed how vast and incomprehensible it all is. What do we really know?...




I wonder what our world would look like with no monetary system.

Do you wonder? Am I allowed to wonder?

Abolishing the monetary system would mean: no banks, no mortgage, no poverty, no exchange rates, no shares, no capitalism, less greed, no taxes, no debt, no fo...

There will always be people who try to paint horns on you or label you in the image they see. Those who dwell in the lower levels of hate, judgement, jealousy, or fear might not see your light, or your wings. Because they see what they mirror. Everyone can drop down on...



I will not be afraid. Women who could see things and channel spirits and angels were burned, drowned and stoned for centuries, but I will not be afraid. Bearers of light, whistle blowers, and those who fight for equality and truth have been stripped of their f...

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