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I decided to create my own website and I did it for free on!!! Finally I can update as much as I want whenever I want!!! The only thing I'm paying for is a package price to be able to link my page to my own domain without wix ads and to have a webshop. 8$ per month. But I save so much more than hiring a webdesigner and programmer plus I can update, or change the look or the pictures, whenever I want ;) It's super easy! Its been a lot of work, but it has also been fun to create the site exactly how I want it to look and feel and I've learned so much ;) Hope you like it, and remember if you dont have money to hire someone just "Do It Yourself"!!! ;) and if you havent heard my song "Do It Yourself" then go check that out too ;) Stay tuned for more diy updates and blog posts about style, food, behind the scenes, photoshoots, and much much more ;)

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