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Rush Trampoline park!!!

Me and my son had a blast at Rush trampoline park. It was so much fun and a great workout lol. They had trampoline basketball and I took full advantage of something I have wanted to do in all my years of playing, yes you guessed it, DUNKING!!!! My short ass always wanted to dunk, so I tried side ways, backwards, forwards, everything, so much fun!

Mio in the trampoline pit haha. We used to have these when I went to gymnastics when I was younger. So much fun, but takes so long to crawl out lol ;)

Running trampolines up a hill!

OOPS hahaha !!!

Then they turned off all the lights and UV came on!!!! loved it ;)

I was exhausted, but had to keep going, it was so much fun ;) I have to admit I felt it 2 days later !!!

is that salt he is sprinkeling at me lol!

Then we played some more basketball with Omer Bhatti and his nefues.

At the end of the day when it was closing time Mio still didnt want to leave and he sat up there where I could not reach him!!1 haha trust me I tried! 10 min after closing time we finally got him down, and then we finished it off with a snowball fight in the parking lot, hahaha a great day!!!!!!

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