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The Well

I had an amazing day and evening at The Well last week!!! My morning was a little stressful but my stay at The Well cleared it all away, centered me, relaxed, me and made me feel sooooooo good!! They have so many rooms and treatments and good food and I just got lost in the comfort! Im writing all about it in this post so keep reading and there are a bunch of pictures!

The first room I went into was the crystal steam sauna!! wow this was one of my favorites out of all the steam rooms. Beautiful soothing lighting and amazing crystals and energy. The pictures are a little steamy as you can see.

Next I went into the icecold water culp pool. Which was super refreshing and cold. Trust me you just have to do it fast and you will feel good afterwards.

Next I wen into the warm cave pool beisde it!!! This was my favorite pool. so warm and my favorite colors. I floated on my back and sat and meditated and looked at the blue light. I came back to the ice water and this warm pool many times during my stay, Loved it!!!

I took a break by the fireplace and had The Wells very own homemade juice with different fruits and ginger, delicious! And they also made their own homemade vegetable chips which I love.

They had a relaxing northern light sauna which was not too hot. and they also had a tropical sauna with beautiful sounds from tropical forests. I also liked the two saunas with different scents. Especially the urb one.

There was a large main pool with many different sections and bubble baths and bubble massages.

I tried a moroccan salt scrub and mud treatment that was very nice. The room was hot and steamy and the water to rince with was chilly and cold, it made for a unique experience and the lotion at the end left my skin silky smooth.

After the muc treatment, someone told me there were more floors and I couldnt believe it. This spa was so big and had som many sections. I went to the Japan area with a steam bath and an outside Onsen. But my favorite in this part was the meditationroom where there were back stands to lean on while meditating. There was a yoga class there as well and a tea serimony, but I missed it, man!!!...

I decided to have something to eat and went for a three course meal. Beside the fact that the food was really good it was also very light and healthy, I really enjoyed it and the tea as well.

There was also a roof top section with a large pool and many outside bubblebaths and what a beautiful way to chill. All in all I had an amazing day and evening and felt refueled and filled with calm and peace. Thank you so much The Well!!!!! I will be back ;)

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