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Plum tomato and spring onion puree, avokado and with pressed garlic, chorizo, beef burger (or any substatute burger meat), portobello mushroom, jalepinio cheese, fig jam. Sweet potato puree with cream and salt on the side.

First you cut a sweet potato in cubes and put them in a pot of water to boil. Then put tomatoes and spring onion in a blender and make this orange puree

Take an avocado and add pressed garlic. Mix it togetehr with a fork.

Fry chorizo slices. (you can also use turkey bacon or skip this part if you are vegitarian.) Burger meat or vegatarian burger and portobello mushroom. Warm the full weat hamburger bread. Add the tomato puree and the chorizo.

Then add the avocado mix.

Add the burger or vegatarian burger, But it on the bun and add jalepenio cheese from a tube. If you dont have this the melt the jalepenio cheese on the burger in the pan. Add fig jam. Add some tomato puree on the top side of the bun,

Add the portobello mushroom.

But the finished sweetpotatoes in a bowl with butter and whole milk or cream, and some salt. The mix it with a hand mixer until you get a smooth finish. Add more salt if needed. The finished mash should have some sweetness to it and a pinch of salty flavor.

Daaaaarrrrrrraaaaa!!!!! woala! ;) yummy!!!


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