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Chichen Itza Part 2 With A Love Message

There will always be people who try to paint horns on you or label you in the image they see. Those who dwell in the lower levels of hate, judgement, jealousy, or fear might not see your light, or your wings. Because they see what they mirror. Everyone can drop down once in a while in weakness, so do I sometimes, but I try to stay above and choose forgiveness and love and see things from a different view and a different level of understanding and perception. This is why I write songs that can be understood from more than one frequency. If the world is gonna be changed for the better we need to stop making the same mistakes societites and religions have made in the past, we simply cannot sacrifice those who are different just because they are different, see things differently or think differently than the times they live in. Because those are the ones sent to make a change. We must choose Love.

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