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"Wonder" A message of Love I wrote more than 1 year ago.


I wonder what our world would look like with no monetary system.

Do you wonder? Am I allowed to wonder?

Abolishing the monetary system would mean: no banks, no mortgage, no poverty, no exchange rates, no shares, no capitalism, less greed, no taxes, no debt, no foreclosure, no valuta, no slaves, and no slave owners.

I dream of freedom and so I dream of a world with no monetary system.

I wonder what our world would look like with no dividing systems.

Do you ever wonder? Am I allowed to wonder?

Abolishing dividing systems would mean: no countries or nations, no passports, no patriotism, no class systems, no boarders, no limiting school systems, no slaves, and no slave owners.

I dream of freedom and so I dream of a world with no dividing systems.

I wonder what the world would be like with no governing systems.

Do you ever wonder? Am I allowed to wonder?

Abolishing governing systems would mean: No voting, no candidates, no politics, no lies and propaganda, no false interpretations of democracy, no prisons, no death penalty, no corruption, no ranking order, no slaves and no slave owners.

I dream of freedom and so I dream of a world with no governing systems.

I wonder what the world would be like with no war systems.

Do you ever wonder? Am I allowed to wonder?

Abolishing war systems would mean: A world with no soldiers, no air force, no navy marines, no police, no guns or weapons of any kind, no intelligence firms, no drones, no slaves, and no slave owners.

I dream of freedom and so I dream of a world with no war systems.

I believe that to create a better world we first need to let go of these 4 things as they do not serve us, and are not created from the light, not created from the source, not created from the divine. They are stagnant and flawed systems that generations before us created, and that we have been distracted and brainwashed to believe in. They are illusions. The system is what creates darkness in this beautiful world we have been so blessed to live in. We are so busy and so stressed by the illusion that we do not see what is around us. We live in paradise! Open your eyes! I see so many possibilities. I see solar panels and wind generators, I see wave and waterfall energy, temperature driven energy. I see copper and magnetic liquid. I see acres and acres of ecologic plant farming, I see healthy wildlife, healthy oceans. I see electrical cars and charging stations, and flying transportation. The second money, power, dividing, and war is not factors or incentives anymore, we can start using our intelligence, science, technology, and time, for good. We can start to share. Then we will start thinking of quality rather than quantity. We stop wasting, stop chasing. We will start thinking about equality. The people with jobs in the system will get new jobs that are much needed, where their true gifts are realized. There are plenty of things that need to be done.

I dream a dream that many souls have dreamt before me. I dream of a world, where equality and love reigns supreme. A world where human rights are upheld in every aspect; race, gender, sexual orientation, old, sick, special needs, and special abilities. Where we help each other and share energy, food, land, water, and where we love each other freely and unconditionally. A place without systems and rules weighed upon us. A world where we spread love and uplifting stories on the news. A world where we get to know each other without judgment and communicate with each other and learn from each other. I see a world where we use our intelligence to create free and clean energy. A world where technology and intelligence live in harmony with humanity, as well as nature. Where our hearts and minds are unified. A world where we create jobs that matter, and teach each other all the things that are needed to survive. Where we live as one no matter culture, tradition, beliefs, or religion. A world where the religions come together as one. A world without prisons. A world without government. A world without rigid school systems. A world where everybody gets to start fresh and everybody is valued. Where we are open and welcoming to the beings around us. A world where we explore each other, the Universe and ourselves with a childlike curiosity and an open mind. A world where we encourage each other to see our individual gifts, celebrate life and spread happiness. Our children deserve to grow up in a world like this.

I know there are still those who wonder. I know there are those who still dream. I want to find all the beautiful people who dream the same dream as me. I want to find all the people who wonder. If we all actively dream this dream, if we want it in our hearts, see it clear in our minds eye, feel it within us as if we’re already there, then we can manifest this new world together.

It’s time. It’s time to be free. It’s time to revolt, time for a revolution, a peaceful revolution we all willingly and gladly welcome, the revolution of love we all need. It’s time to wake up. It’s time to grow, to evolve, to expand, to heal and to prosper. Time to be the beautiful and majestic beings we truly are. Our true selves. It’s time to spark the flame that will light the way. It’s time to, in our hearts, ignite what will illuminate our planet, our galaxy and the rest of the Universe, and breathe new life.

To achieve this we need to have faith in ourselves. We must not wait for someone else to change the world for we all hold the power within ourselves and in our hearts. We are the creators who have made these systems and illusions and so we are the creator who can abolish them. The challenges we face are irrelevant. We are more powerful than we know and it’s time to find out just how powerful we can be as a peaceful and strong unity.

We must find the key to unlock the doors we have closed. Once some of us step through these doors, we will enable others. I will gladly take that first step together with the Ones who are ready, that leap of faith. Once more people reach a higher level of consciousness, others will be helped up. It has already begun. The key is understanding who we are, our true selves and why we are here. Without the illusions, brainwashing, rules and propaganda society and media have made. When we heal each other and ourselves we become part of the universal light that heals the planet. We must do this so we can raise the earth to a higher vibration, a higher frequency. The shift is not only for our planet, but for all of creation. We must fulfill the prophecy that was foreseen by ancient civilizations long ago. I know we have not forgotten how to dream.

I hereby foresee and manifest today, a world filled with the highest form of love we can imagine. A higher vibration in the majority of our energy and a unity that transcends any fear, any illusion, any race, any culture, any tradition, and any atmosphere. A world where every human realizes their greatest potential and uses it for good. A higher purpose awakened in us all, awakened and remembered in the song of our souls for the creation of peace, harmony and abundance. We stand together to evolve our minds and expand our hearts. We do this, not only for humanity, but for all beings on earth and for all beings in the Universe. We will again be pure as the golden dust we are made up of, the energy everything is made from. And through this golden dust we will see our world in a new light. I see it. And I wonder; can you see it? Can you see the dream I dream? Because all I see, in my mind, in my heart and in my soul is joy, laughter, love, light, and coexistence. The light that shines from our greatest creation, The New World. A world of Wonder.

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