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Connect The Dots

The Dots

I once had a very interesting conversation with someone. He is a dear friend of mine and we have worked together for years. We talked about life, the universe and spirituality, and we discussed how vast and incomprehensible it all is. What do we really know? Only a couple centuries ago, the majority thought the world was flat. Then when we changed perspective our whole reality and how we perceive the Universe changed. We expanded our consciousness to the possibility that the world was round and we saw it with new eyes. To me it’s it is the same way with other dimensions. What could we be wrong about now? What could be so set in stone in our minds that it is hard for us to imagine something else? We agreed that one of the things might be time. He said time might not be linear. I said maybe it’s a circle or a series of circles. He said maybe it’s just a dot. Today, I remember this conversation, I have experienced much more of life, I’ve seen “past”, parallel and “future” lives and I think he might have been onto something. Life could be a series of dots, orbiting, overlapping and sometimes aligning as one dot. Maybe to clearly understand life we must be brave enough to let go of what is accepted. Maybe we will have to be brave enough to explore and see clearly all of aspects of who we are and why. We have to connect The Dots.

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