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Fatty Girl part 2, dinner buffet!!!

I'm so sorry but I really have to talk about this dinner buffet at The Royalton Riviera!!! So honestly, I have never been at an all inclusive hotel before, but this food buffet they have in the main restaurant (one of many) is amazing. They have everything!!! Like my previous post about the breakfast I seriously did not take pictures of everything. It was so much food, and the food was actually delicious, every 15 min it seams, they brought out something new, and there were some new items on the weekend. If I wasn't working so hard I probably would have been eating all day (I think some people were;), and it was open to 23. They had everything from sahimi, sushi, carpaccio, all kinds of mexican food, lobster, tiger prawns, mussels, squid, grilled fish, all types of meat and chicken, salads, Italian food, Asian warm foods, and like a whole bakery of cakes and desserts. I think I put on some pounds on this trip, but the food was definatley worth it lol ;) Ok so I kinda piled it on the plate hihi so ghetto, sometimes I took 2 plates ;) I'll admit it ;) My favorite was the sashimi and carpaccio with jalepenio ponzu sauce and parmesan, the Mexican food, lobster and so on ;)

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