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Mussels in creamed soup

Mussels in creamed soup is one of my favorite things to make. I haven´t picked one specific recipe for this one because I make it in many different ways and part of the reason I'm making this food blog is to inspire people to experiment with food. But there are a couple basic ingredients that are a must for any of the versions of this dish. First and foremost I normally put chopped garlic and chilli as a base in the pot and fry it with oil. Sometimes I add bacon, chorizo. This surf and turf brings out a little bit of a southern creole feel to it. You can also put scampi. You can also have any type of onions and even koriander. You can use coconut oil which is very low fat, olive oil, or you can use sesame oil and add ginger to make an Asian fusion version of the dish. Then I put the mussels in and fry them with the garlic and chilli, after a short while, like 30 sec and I pour in 1-2 dl white wine (dry, ask which one is most suitable for cooking.) This will make the mussels open and you keep frying for another 30 sec to a minute. Then I add cream, whole milk, oatmeal milk, or coconut milk if I'm going for Asian Fusion. Coconut milk has less fat. I normally add Cajun or Creole seasoning at this point, for me it's a must ;) Add cajenne pepper and garlic powder, salt if you don't have special seasoning. You let it sit for 1 or 3 min while you lift the bottom mussels to the top and so on, and after that it's basically done. Dont let them sit too long. I normally serve this with sweet potato fires or sometimes I put sweetpotatoes straight in the soup (as you can see on the picture. Hope you like, enjoy experimenting and remember to keep tasting the soup until it's how you like it. Its a very fast dish to make and easy to make a lot, so it's perfect for dinner parties and get togethers. Mussels are not very expensive so that's a good thing to, just remember to have big enough pots, more than one if you are making for many people.

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