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5 min Dinner To Go!

If you're in a hurry and don't have time to make anything or sit down and eat, this is the perfect healthy dinner to go! You fill the water bolier and press the button, then pour dry cous cous into a container that has a top to it. You then add the boiling water and close the lid. Find butter, olives and raisons or cranberries. While you wait 2 min you quickly start frying up some salmon or trout with teriyaki sauce. You open the container and add butter and stir, then you add the olives and raisons or cranberries and stir, when the salmon is finished frying, (in my opinion the fish should still be pink and juicy on the inside) you add the fish, stir, put the top on, bring a fork and voala! you have a perfectly healthy, super fast, dinner to go ;) Enjoy!!

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